Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting to the End!

You might be happy to know that I'm about at the end of the 'vacation photos'. I have to tell you, I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of selection ... I usually take a ridiculous amount of pics. I almost always had the camera on me (in a ziplock bag labelled 'camera' no less), but for some reason I didn't pull it out as often as I thought! I am MOST disappointed in that I didn't have my camera with me on the eve of our arrival ... Shortly after checking into our rooms we all met at, where else, the beach bar!!! It was the most glorious sunset ever! In fact, as I recall, it was the only sunset we actually saw that week! On top of that, Cadence took to the sand immediately, building and playing and running toward and away from the waves. At one point she got about 5 drops of water on her which meant she had to take her pants off ... There we were, sipping fine cocktails as the bright gold sun sank into the horizon and as my beautiful daughter sat throwing black sand in her underwear ... precious I tell you!
I also regret not hauling my camera down to the beach on the last full day. I gave Sean the morning to go off and take a walking tour with Donna and Mark, while I went down to the beach. At first it was pretty interactive ... I built castles and towns and Cadence destroyed them! It was pretty safe ... she wouldn't go too close to the water (didn't like the noise of the waves) nor would she venture toward the pool (the sand was too hot!) so I really only had to monitor a small area. Soon into our 'play' came two lovelies who soon took over my construction. Within a short time, Cadence was running into the waves, giggling and laughing with these two sweethearts. The three would sit on the sand and wait for the waves to wash over them and carry them up the beach ... yeah ... the tide was pretty strong. What a joy it was to sit and watch her with Kylee, 6 and Sian, 4 (and did I mention I got to enjoy some leisure time too!). One of the moms took pictures and tried to email them to me, but my mailbox was full ... I am really looking forward to them ... buy oh how I wish I had some video!
Oh well, here are some photos I WILL share:
A favourite pool shot of mine (one where there is nothing pouring out of Cadence's nose for a change!):

Someone else had a Lucian birthday ... Happy Birthday Evan ... 18 and legal in St. Lucia!

Catching the 'show' at the Piton Lounge ... again!

Cadence, Kylee and Sian ... figures they hook up on the last day!

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