Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I need to back track and share some 'random' thoughts and moments ... for posterity! There are so many things I just don't want to ever forget ...


Somewhere along the line Cadence has come to understand this concept. She is obsessed with asking, "You buy this mom?" or "Daddy buy me that?". When I tell her there are no more yogurt drinks, she tells me I need to buy more at the grocery store! In play, she will often buy me a 'present'. Buy, buy, buy ... and to think, this is only the beginning!


The other day, Cadence pulled out her big Dora colouring book and E V E R Y s i n g l e marker she owns. I got down beside her to colour too ... as is the usual custom. Not that day ... "No, mom you not colour. This is my important work ... for my kids." Her and daddy will often 'do work' together, except sometimes when daddy is marking ... he tells her she can't help ... it's important work ... it's the kids' work. Hmmmm. This brings me to the next topic.


Cadence is completely in the imitation stage ... she imitates EVERYTHING!!! It is sooo cute (AND we soooo need to mind our Ps and Qs ... what does that mean anyway?) We had to play 'nastics this week. She gave us the blanket to do the parachute and then she 'stamped' our foot and hand and made us do a TaDa ... just like her Saturday class. If I'm making tacos for supper ... Cadence is making them too! We have to take turns being the mommy and the baby ... I mostly play the baby these days ... I do a lot of crying and she tells me, "You okay baby ... you don't need to cry." Today was really sweet ... I wish I had the camera. She had her doll on the floor and she was bent over clapping her hands saying, "Come on baby, come on!" What a great little mom she is!


I, myself, am beginning to get caught up on things I've had on my ever changing, ever increasing list! Tonight I put 105 of my favourite photos of Cadence from last March until Christmas into a photo album. And since I've updated my computer I have sorted and labelled each and every shot uploaded ... of course, I'm probably not taking quite as many as I used to ... but that will improve soon too!


Cadence is staying fully clothed during the nights. Often during the day however, she will 'drop her drawers' to do her 'business' and just not bother to put them back on. And after every bath, my girl LOVES to streak through the house. Last week she put on her "fancy" shoes ... nothing else ... and strutted around the house telling us she was 'going to her meeting'. I love shoes and I love that she is developing a love of shoes ... but Cadence ... shoes are an accessory sweetheart!!!


None today ... the battery is charging ... check back tomorrow!


Jan said...

What a great post!! Loved all the randomness!! Although we don't want to rush things, we're looking forward to these stages!!

Gina (Caleeo) said...

I was nodding my head in agreement with so many of these! Especially the "buy me". When we are in the store I regularly hear "I want dat"!