Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Boss

I have to admit ... my daughter is a total control freak! She ORDERS us all around ... and we don't think twice about it. Okay, maybe once in a while we insist she at least say please. "You sit here. You go get it. I need milk." Her statements and imperatives are clear let me tell you! Her latest thing is about 'fairness' ... "Put it in the middle." No matter what the object ... a snack, a drink, a decoration ... it MUST go in the middle where there is equal access to all! Crazy!

In other news ... Cadence has been keeping her clothes on at night ... yay! On the flip side ... there have been regular 4 am wake ups ... not liking that!

Here are a few pictures from a few weeks back of Cadence enjoying some time with her cousins ... they are too cute!

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