Friday, June 26, 2009

Tough Day ...

Today was a difficult one on many levels ... emotions were running high ... but of utmost difficulty was saying goodbye.  We said goodbye today to Sandy and Kylie who have taken such good care of Cadence over the last year and a half.  I can't thank them enough for ALL they have done for and with Cadence ... and secretly (or not so secretly) I know they let her get away with the same kinds of stuff mom and dad do ... she's just THAT cute and they love her that much too.   I realized today I didn't do a very good job of preparing Cadence for this ... she kept questioning why we were all crying and I know she doesn't get 'going to her new school' means not going to Sandy's anymore ... I'll work on that a bit over the summer.  Who knows, there will likely be a day or two this summer that I NEED a little break and I definitely know who to call!  Sadly, I brought the camera and took a couple of jumping castle photos, but too many emotions got in the way after that and well ... I just couldn't focus ... what can I say?!
I couldn't even use the photos I took ... thanks to Kylee for sending me some ... here's a few of them:

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ChaoticKylee said...

Bye Cadence! I'll miss sitting with you every morning and watching Regis and Kelly. I'll miss your blankey and our snuggles. I'll miss watching you sleep in the afternoons. And and your cute little "yes." answer for everything! Have fun at your new school Cadence and I hope I still get to come and visit you and "team" when your mommy and daddy need a date night!

~Love Kylee~