Monday, June 22, 2009

I Love Shirley's Even More!

Rather than try to fight the crowds for a Father's Day brunch or dinner out, Sean decided he'd rather go to one of our favourite restaurants on the 'eve' of Father's Day. Although we have taken Cadence here once already, we chose a weeknight, knowing it wouldn't be very busy ... I was a little nervous embarking on a Saturday evening adventure ... keep in mind, this is a place without highchairs or booster seats! As luck would have it, Cadence fell completely asleep within minutes of being in the car and showed no signs of waking when I took her out of the car seat ... but after a few prompts to "look at the water" and "can you see the fountain?", we were good to go!
Our girl surpassed our expectations ... for the most part!
Here she is colouring QUIETLY at the table:

Little Miss Independence INSISTED on buttering her own bun. I wasn't about to take on that fight here!

A rare shot of me and my girl:

Daddy and daughter on his night out:

Things went well until the dinner arrived. We ordered her favourite, coconut shrimp, but she wasn't happy when mommy got a plate of pasta, especially when the lady loaded it with shredded parmesan. A quick transference of pasta onto a salad plate, with the decorative rosemary branch, set the night back into peaceful harmony! Total time ... 1 minute, 30 seconds ... and no one got hurt!
Shirley's daughter was exceptionally great with Cadence. She stopped by to interact with her a couple of times and when Cadencee asked if she could dance (to the one man band), she gave the go ahead. AND then she took Cadence on a 'secret mission'! Talk about special treatment. Cadence came back with a plate HEAPED with 2 amazing desserts, which she claims she made for daddy. Actually, I guess she did get to decorate the plate! It was absolutely the sweetest thing and I love my favourite restaurant even more!
Here's Cadence enjoying the last bites of the dessert ... yum!

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Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like a great evening..
love the photos..
great Mommy and Candence photo..
Have a great week..