Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Family/Valentine's Weekend and Hard 'Stuff'

We had a great weekend ... headed north to visit Didi and friends which has now become our 'tradition' ... mark your calendars for next year y'all ... heh, heh, heh!

The weather cooperated for our drive and as would be expected, after putting in a full day at 'school' Cadence nodded off about 10 minutes into her movie. This allowed us all to head to our favourite 'joint' for an evening of pool, soccer, pizza, wings and beer ... both draft and root! It was great to have the Farrell family join us as well. We even got to enjoy watching some of the Olympic ceremonies on the big screen.

Saturday we lounged in our jammies for a bit and enjoyed a lovely home cooked breakfast, courtesy of Di. After primping we escorted Cadence to the Farrells to enjoy some play time with the kids and their sitter while the adults headed out for some play time of their own ... nothing like Porketta Bingo on a Saturday afternoon.
After a couple of wins (and pitchers) ... congrats Kelly and Sean! ... we headed back to Di's for chili and good company. The sitter reported good behaviour on behalf of all the children ... the only complaint being from Cadence who wouldn't go outside because she refused to wear the boy's (aka blue) snowpants.

Enjoying some hot chocolate with marshmallows:

Our studious proteges:

The 'boys':

Sunday was a quieter day ... more lounging, another spectacular burrito breakfast ... beautiful cards, yummy chocolates and Olympic gear ... thanks Daddy! We followed up with some bargain shopping and a greasy lunch ... mmmm! The Farrells had us over for a fabulous dinner and visit ... thanks so much guys! We then ended the evening witnessing Canada's first gold medal win on Canadian soil ... yahooo!!!!!

We had a great drive home ... clear roads and little opportunity to catch up on our sleep. After unpacking and tidying, daddy took us out for a Valentine's/Family Day dinner ... I love 4 day weekends!!!!


Today after school Cadence said, "Mom, I love the colour of your eyes Jesus gave you."
She then followed up with a question, "Are mine like yours?"
The hard stuff is coming .........

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Jan said...

Looks like a good time had by all!!
Wishing you all a belated Valentine's Day and a Happy Chinese New Year!!!

As for the hard stuff... Wow... How do you answer those questions?!! I would imagine simple and truthful.

Guess we'll be coming to that bridge soon enough as well.