Saturday, February 20, 2010

Got the Forms

I've had them for about 3 weeks now ... KINDERGARTEN registration forms! I've been waiting to take a picture of them to include with this post but ... I've just been too busy so ... here it is ... we are actually getting Cadence ready to start real school in the fall! I can hardly stand it. I feel like we just got off the plane ... she can't possibly be ready! But oh she is SO ready! People tell you how quickly 'they' grow up and how quickly time flies and to ENJOY every minute.
People ... you are so right!!! I see her growing up before my eyes and it is exciting and wonderful and beautiful ... and sad all at the same time. We can't stop it ...
And so, Sean and I begin another paperchasing trail ... because of course, this won't be any ordinary registration ... don't even get me started on that! We will play by the rules ... we aren't prepared to make noise ... not yet!
We aren't in any hurry ... don't know what days to choose yet so ... we'll wait it out for a bit, but they know we're coming ... heck we're already there in many ways!
Stay tuned ... believe it or not, there's just over 6 months until the first day of school!
I'll shut up now.


Jan said...

OMG!! Kindergarten already??!! Yikes!!

Watching our kids grow sure is bittersweet!!! I'm crying just at the thought of six months till the first day of school!!

Good luck with the paperchase!!

Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

We don't have JK here so I can live in denial that Lisa is getting older for a whole 'nother year!! LOL!!