Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend Round up

This is an 'old' one, but seriously THANK YOU Mackenzie!

This is what Cadence INSISTED on putting on as soon as she got home from school ... which is a slight improvement from pajamas I think. The only problem now is convincing her the mermaid princess dress is NOT appropriate for school ... seriously, check out the cleavage!

We had tickets for a 'concert' on Saturday. Cadence decided she wanted to wear a jean skirt and this "funky shirt" (her language and her choice!):

Waiting for the show to start in her front row seat:

Bring on the band:

A concert follow-up: The group sang a song about not idling your car. On Monday morning, it had snowed, was cold and guess who left her car out? Daddy was kind enough to start it up before he left. When Cadence and I headed out to the car ... guess who got in trouble? Someone sure was paying attention! I can't get away with anything ....

Sunday we made some fun pancakes. Cadence's favourite was the butterfly:

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