Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Belated Weekend News ...

The weather this weekend was absolutely magnificent! We gratefully took the opportunity to enjoy all the sunshine we could ... we're calling it a practise run!

We also enjoyed entertaining some friends who have come to our rescue! Two lovely ladies will be taking care of our home and our 'boys'. They will have their work cut out for them ... I hope they are up for it!

Here are two princesses enjoying (well not quite), what I thought was a lovely dinner (can someone please pass the KD instead!?):

These same two princesses deny that they are ready for bed ... nice try girls!

One simply MUST toast the weather with a scoop of ice cream:

Absolutely no ducks were fed by our hands!

Could this be the last of the snowmen for the season?

A lookout spot over the ... frozen lake:

Some park time fun ... oh how we have missed you!

Cozying up with a cup of HC ... this teenager wannabe absolutely refused to keep her coat on! I am truly in for it!

This will likely be the one and only update for the week ... we are busy packing and cleaning and checking things off our list. Next stop ... Jamaica mon!

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Jan said...

Princess time, nice weather, ice cream, snowmen, and hot chocolate!! Miss Cadence, you go girl!! Have fun in Jamaica!!