Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hey Kristen!

Just today I received the Christmas card I sent you back!
You moved ... I knew that, but forgot (and didn't have your updated info).
I really think it's worth resending ... if I do say so myself!
I couldn't find your email address, and given what you are going through, I didn't want to leave
this silly message on your blog. If you check in here ... send me your updated address somewhere!

Take Care!

Just for the record ... I HEAR you!

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~Kristen said...

Haha... No lie... I just got the card my Aunt sent me also... she had just received it back last week. Tooo funny!!! I WOULD sooo love you to resend it as I look forward to seeing that face on my wall! I'll PM you the new addy... Thanks friend!