Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer is in Full Swing!

It has undoubtedly been an AMAZING start to the summer! The weather has been 100% cooperative. We have been playing at the park, in the yard, in the pool and even at times indoors (including the very cool malls!). With all this great weather we have been living in our bathing suits which means WAY less laundry for mom!
Of course, sunscreen and hats are a must this time of year:

Someone thinks she's too hot for this blog:

My two rock stars gettin' down and splashin' around:

We can barely keep Cadence's head ABOVE water these days ... way to go BABY!!!

We were reminded yesterday though, that summer is so very, very short! Cadence received a letter in the mail ... from SCHOOL!

She has her first visit with the teacher scheduled and has an official start date! I was surprised and have to admit, I got quite choked up reading that letter out loud to Cadence. It's not the starting school that has me a bit emotional ... we are all ready for it ... I think it is the reality of how quickly time passes and how fast my baby is growing up! It probably didn't help that I had been going through tonnes of photos that morning either ...

With Baba's visit on the horizon and the fact that stores begin back to school sales in mid July, we had planned to go backpack and lunch bag shopping with Baba next week. Cadence has made it VERY clear that she wants Hannah Montana EVERYTHING!
Well ... sorry Baba ... found the perfect lunch bin today:

You can still come to pick out the backpack, but I must warn you, this girl knows what she wants! Sound familiar????

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