Sunday, July 4, 2010

From the 'Archives'

Okay ... they are really some of the pics that were on my other camera before the battery died. It's taken me this long (about a week) to finally put the battery back in and upload them ... hey ... I'm on holidays!

A Canada Day 'breakfast' ... compliments of daddy:

A Canada Day craft that went awry on account of someone not liking how she cut one side:

Our little soccer star modelling her new footwear ... she completely picked them out on her own:

An attempt at looking like Snow White (the current favourite princess), but not impressed with having to wear a headband:

Our big girl helping out with the pool cover ... "I CAN do it!":

Yeah ... she still likes 'make-up':

The finishing touches on Daddy's cake ... yes it is done:

Aren't you glad I don't post ALL of the pictures .... just imagine!

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