Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crazy Meltdowns

This has been a summer of meltdowns and mood swings. Often they are based on 'reasonable' wants for a 3+ year old, like ice cream or cookies or going somewhere, BUT there have also been some ridiculous 'rants'. About a month ago, Cadence had a meltdown because she "IS going to take the bus to school!" First off, she doesn't even start school until the 3rd week of September and secondly, we live 400 metres from the school. She.WILL.NOT.be.taking.a.bus! Today, however, took the cake. While in the car, she tells me she "wants to move to California", "she's too cold here and she needs to be warm!". And we're talking emotionally charged, tears and all!!!
What is that about????
I didn't think I'd say it, but I'm kinda lookin forward to going back .... kinda, sorta ... just a tad bit!

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