Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Docs were IN!

Although I didn't 'plan' it ahead of time, Cadence happened to have 2 appointments scheduled for the same day.
We started off at the dentist for a cleaning and check up.

I continue to be extremely impressed with this dental office...they are exceptional with children! Cadence has been going there since she was 18 months old and has never put up ANY kind of fuss ... of course she hasn't had any issues ... yet ... fingers crossed! And never mind the dentist, Cadence was superb!!!! She is such a mature, little young lady! Where oh where has my baby gone?????

Later in the afternoon we headed back to the dermatologist who confirmed the fact that the cream prescibed in the winter was not appropriate for this hot humid weather. Things seem to be clearing up already and we were given some good advice for the upcoming allergy season. We'll see how that goes ...

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Anonymous said...

I had a dentist appointment the very same day! No cavities for Auntie told me I brush my teeth really well
Way to go Cadence!