Friday, August 13, 2010

A Full Friday!

Today was go, go, go!!!
Cadence started off the day with a class trip ... to the bowling alley! Although she managed 3 strikes last night in Wii practise, there was a gutter ball to deal with upon her return. Our little perfectionist insisted yesterday on attending the trip, which led to a phone call from the daycare and our agreement to let her go. This morning however, she had decided she no longer wanted to go. Uh uh!!!! Sorry sweetheart, but we were not letting you quit this one! Mean mommy took her to the school and sent her off on the bus crying! Boohoo!!!! Don't be too hard on me ... I felt terrible, but she's started this thing where she quits ANYTHING she isn't good at and we have to put a stop to that! Thankfully she returned very happy (except for the gutter ball that is!).

We followed up this field trip with a picnic lunch from McDonald's and then got ready for a local theatre production. Our friends Grant and Gwen joined us for some great entertainment and later stopped in for swimming and hot tubbing ... thanks for bringing the pizza pie!

One would think after all this action that Cadence would have passed right out tonight...I WISH!!!!

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