Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Rookie Move!

We are about a month away from the big birthday!
It should be an exciting, fun time ... it's not ... not as much anymore anyway.
I guess as we waited and waited AND waited for our turn to become parents we witnessed all of those 'events' involving children with such longing to be a part of it. With Cadence's start of school, I was ready, anxious and excited to start the planning! This was to be her first 'party'.with kids.with treat bags.with a theme. Well, every day we have a new idea.a new guest list.a new menu.a new location. Some days there isn't even going to be a party because she doesn't want one. ARGH!!!! I have realized my rookie mistake .... CHOICES! A 4 year old, this four year old, is not ready to make committed decisions.
I have to say, Cadence is a thoughtful girl. She wants a princess cake for the girls and a spiderman one for the boys. Two cakes????? I guess I can manage that! We do have a place booked ... one that didn't require a deposit ... yet! It will be a little pricey ... kids COST! There is no turning back now ... we set the tone and that's it!
I should've TOLD her where her party was going to be. I should have been the parent and taken control. I didn't and so now we'll see how things go.
It WILL be fun and exciting ... right??????

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