Thursday, October 14, 2010

To the Soo and Back and From the Soo and Back!

The weekend before last, Cadence and I headed north to help Baba get settled in her new 'crib'. We didn't seem to accomplish very much. Perhaps that's because we hung out at the shops and park too much!

Oh well, we did manage to thank all of our aunties, uncles and cousins who worked long hours to paint, clean and move everything!

Hmmm ... we didn't even get any shots of the workers! A certain someone seemed to think SHE was the centre of attention. We sure do want to say thank you ... we are VERY grateful to everyone for ALL of your efforts!!!!

Days after our return, Baba and Aunt Donna made the long journey here for Thanksgiving. They arrived with more than they bargained for ... COLDS! As a result, photos were not in the cards for these ladies!
Baba brought Cadence a special crown (it's the headpiece my flowergirl, Mackenzie, wore 13 years ago). Cadence put it on Friday morning and wore it at school ... ALL day!

She and it lasted quite well ...

There was much to do and be thankful for this year ...

Our beautiful, independent daughter (and mom's stuffing!):

Our crazy, funny girl (and GREAT weather!):

The wonderful friendships being developed by our 3 girls:

And so much more ....

There were 3 princesses in our home this past weekend ...

But I sure felt like a queen!

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