Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Falling Behind ....

Well ... guess what we had to cram in this morning, between breakfast and teethbrushing?

Yeah ... we're already falling behind in homework!!!
If she truly takes after her mother, Cadence will be pulling all nighters before the EQAO assessments!

AND ... this is what Cadence had to do at her desk on Monday:

The good news is ... everyone was doing it! They had to learn "how to be calm". I love it!

Tonight's 'play' involved simulating Picture Day. Cadence has picked her background - red - should clash nicely with the black and orange theme day!
She also picked her pose:

Who knew there would be choices in these things?
Somehow, I don't quite think her school pictures will turn out as well as these practise shots!

1 comment:

Jan said...

Oh No!! We're much too young to fall behind!!!! LOL!!! And, just loving the Monday morning calm!! We should all be doing that!!! As far as the practice posing goes - well - that's just too cute for words!!!