Sunday, November 21, 2010

The First Birthday Bash

Since Cadence is in school now, we allowed her to plan a 'big' birthday. PLAN she did. BIG she did too!
She had it in her mind, her one track mind, since September, that she wanted a movie party (she'd seen kids having one at the theatre over the summer). We tried to dissuade her and encourage a different venue, but she was not interested. She started making a guest list, a long guest list (14 children) in October. I wasn't worried, I was certain it would change over time ..... WRONG! She had her mind made up and never wavered, not once. She picked out her own invitations, Tinkerbell for the girls and Transformers for the boys ... she's thoughtful that way. One little battle we won, sort of, was with respect to the cake. She also wanted 2 cakes: one for the girls, one for the boys. We ended up with a compromise: Tinkerbell meets Transformer:

She was one excited little four year old that day!

We met up with the children and parents in the lobby and were well taken care of. Our young 'hostess' took the children's drink orders, their coats and presents and even my 'packages'. Unfortunately in my infinite wisdom, my camera was in one of those packages and I have NOT ONE photo of the little darlins in their 3 D glasses. Take my word for it, they looked absolutely precious.
The movie was a tad long and a little over their heads ... which I think was okay because they really couldn't make too many connections. I CAN tell you they were exceptionally well behaved ... at least 95% of them were! Oh how I sympatized with one dad ...
The kids were great in the 'party' room ... despite the lack of elbow room. They coloured a bit, barely ate cake (glad I didn't opt for the hot dogs!) and the birthday girl opened her MANY wonderful presents from her generous friends.

I am disappointed that I really didn't get many pictures ... in hindsight, I would have liked a photo of Cadence with each of her guests ... perhaps that would have been a bit much?!
All in all, I would say it was a success! My girl was happy ... in the end, that's what mattered!

Sweetest though, is this:

The dad shared that he helped his son write, "From ....", but upon later inspection noticed an 'addendum' of sorts! It is just too cute for words!

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Jan said...

Miss Cadence knows her own mind!!
You go girl!!!
Looks like your Birthday Party was a SUCCESS!!!
So glad everyone had a great time!!!

Happy 4th Birthday, Cadence!!!

Love and ((Hugs))!!!
Jan, John & Jillian