Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easter Weekend

With Easter being a four day weekend, we were able to make the trek north to visit family. We packed in a lot over our stay, including two 6+ hour drives! There was shopping, movies, dinner out, a bridal shower for mom, mass and of course Easter preparations and festivities.
Cadence spent her afternoon bonding with Baba by making lemon and blueberry tarts:

They also coloured eggs,

and added a bit of sparkle!

Tattoos were a quick fix for some of the plain white ones and oh ... you should have seen the girls all decked out in their tattoos:

On Easter morning, the bunny left a trail of notes for Cadence:

She searched under beds, in cupboards, closets and even in the shower:

There were many exciting finds: jelly beans, games, chocolate, bubbles, pjs, a dress and a new big girl scooter:

Following an awesome 'lupper' and trip to the park, the cousins chilled and chocolated:

Before packing it up and calling it a day, Cadence and Baba headed outside to try out the new scooter:

It was a great weekend! We enjoyed catching up with everyone, especially Baba, Chachi and Nonno!
Guess we'll see ya all in Mexico ....

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