Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Go the * to Sleep!

There is a great 'storybook' out there for parents who are experiencing difficulty getting their children to bed and can handle the f word! It won't provide any suggestions or strategies but it will make you laugh...out loud! I'm beginning to wonder how I didn't come up with this story myself .... our princess continues to make bed time somewhat less than desirable than it should be ... and some nights, well ... I'd darn well like to pull my hair out!

She sure has a way of rationalizing ... ANYthing! I wish I could remember half of the stuff she comes up with to post and preserve here, which reminds me, is really what drives today's post...

Last night's 'reason' not to go to sleep:
Cadence expressed, quite clearly, once again, that she HATES her room (she wants to sleep in ours!). What did she hate about it last night? She hates "how it's organized!". She wants the table "over there" and the book shelf over there". Nice try sweetheart! How old are you? It will be a little while before you're making decorating decisions around here!
And tonight:
After taking the 40th sip of water I announced that I was getting angry. Cadence explained that she didn't know what she was doing because she had her eyes closed. A good effort my dear but really ....

She sure is one smart little cookie! I will make sure I don't threaten to have her sleep in here:

My guess is, she would absolutely take me up on it!

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