Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Celebration Time!

In the last weeks of school the kindergarten students at Cadence's school put on a Celebrate Me show for the parents:

She led the classes onto the stage where they performed a few songs and a poem.

She was not as 'animated' on stage as she is at home, but she was doubly cute!

Afterwards we were invited back to the class for refreshments and to share Cadence's Memory Book:

She enjoyed a fantastic first year of school, learning from an amazing teacher, colleague and friend. There was an awesome report card to celebrate last week as well. We are VERY proud of our polite, well mannered, thoughtful, considerate, caring, reliable, helpful solid reader! Cadence is disappointed that she will not have the same teacher next year. Fingers are crossed that their paths will cross again in a couple of years!

Cadence was also excited to celebrate a classmate's birthday in those last weeks as well:

The girl who was afraid to go and see the 'animals' is rumoured to have apparently interacted with them ... atta girl!

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