Friday, July 15, 2011

How Time Flies ....

Cadence on the first day of school:

Cadence on the last day of school:

Wow ... how time really does fly!
Sometimes I can look back on 'the wait' and feel like it was just yesterday and then I see my 4 and a half year old daughter and realize just how unbelievably fast the time passes. I wish I could bottle up each and every hug, kiss, funny and frustrating moment, the hilarious AND not so hilarious conversations, the beautiful smile and hearty laughter ... all of it! Each and every single moment! I suppose that is partly what brings me here. I can capture some of that and revisit it as often as I want.

I am so utterly blessed and thankful to have Cadence as my daughter and to have built this wonderful little family with my husband ... a dream fulfilled in a way I hadn't even imagined ... a miracle really!

This first year of school was awesome! Cadence skipped in and never looked back. She excelled and is more than ready for the next grade. I am sooooo very proud of you peanut! You're amazing ... just the way you are and I love you more than you can ever imagine!!!!!


Jan said...

July 15??! And, it's the first day of school??!!

What happened to the summer??!! I thought school starts in September!!!

Wooo!! Scared me there!!! It was the school year revisited!! Ummm, right??!! LOL!!! Hope so anyway!!!

Great post!!!

BTW, Miss Jillian will be starting preschool in September!!! We're sooo excited!!!!


Jan, John And Jillian Rose

Kara said...

What a lovely post Deb! : ) Makes me so happy for you!