Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mommy's Little Helper

Cadence was very excited to help out in preparing snacks for our company. She did a great job too ... I gave her a quick lesson and handwashing and she was good to go:

And does Heidi know us or what? Check out the funky apron she brought for Cadence:

I can't believe we didn't force, I mean find the opportunity to take photos of us in our 'cooking attire'! Even more disappointing, I am sorry we did think to grab photos with our friends, the Nelson family (perhaps I should have put it on my
list!). I even had the camera sitting right on the counter! Despite that faux pas, we had a GREAT afternoon catching up. It has been too long my friend, but I am glad we finally managed it! There WILL be photos next time and there WILL be a next time!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it was a great visit!! Looking forward to seeing you again soon.