Sunday, May 31, 2009

Out With the Old and UP with the New!

We said goodbye to our 'baby' yesterday:

After I took this picture to mark the end of another stage, I thought about how very long we waited to have this piece of furniture in our home! I just can't believe that we're already moving it out ... I'm a bit sad I must say! Cadence continues to tell us she's a big girl and I'm afraid I think she's right!
There were no emotions on Cadence's part ... she fell asleep without ANY problems and even her 'brother' snuggled in for the night ... looks like we'll be losing 2 babies!

We didn't actually receive the new mattress until today, so here is the bed in it's almost finished state:

I still need to find a bedskirt and duvet cover ... but I'm holding out until I find the right ensemble ... for now this will do!
The important thing is Cadence and Daddy like it:

AND mommy and daddy treated themselves to an early anniversary present too ... a bed fit for a king! Or a bed that will fit the king and queen and their 2 'babies' who are sure to visit on a regular basis!

Oh and Jody ... her room got a new bed too ...
We sure worked hard this weekend ... lots of moving and lifting and washing and making beds. I'm looking forward to using my little step stool, climbing in to bed and having a good night's sleep ... it's been a while! Sleep well y'all!!!

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Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

What an exciting buy sad moment..
Love the new beds..
Have a great sleep tonight..