Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Round up

Fall has arrived with a vengeance ... cold, dreary, rainy ... did I mention COLD!!!! It feels like we went from shutting off the pool heater to turning on the furnance, and from shedding the swimsuits to donning the toques! Actually I think that's exactly how fall has arrived! Luckily, I had hats and tights and gloves ready for my girl, who definitely needed them! I even took my 'motherly advice' to the school yard, sending dozens of children inside for long sleeve shirts at the very least ... me ... I had been wearing my coat INSIDE!!! Yeah ... it's been that cold!
On Friday, Sean and Cadence and I went to meet 'Baby Jacob' and shower him with good wishes. It was a nice opportunity to enjoy some socializing with Sean's staff, to meet the little man and for Cadence to have some play time with Emily and Sarah.
Cadence was quite taken with the baby and was given the opportunity to hold the little guy ... guess who forgot to bring a camera!!!! Crap! I know someone got a shot ....
Saturday we were on the move: groceries, gymnastics, Costco ... our usual routine. Then it was home for a short nap before the theatre. We purchased season's tickets to all the children's live productions ... front row nonetheless! Yesterday was the first play: Pidgeon Party.
This is Cadence trying to avoid getting her photo taken in her dress:

And this is her 'modeling' in her new dress:

Hamming it up before we head out:

All dressed up with somewhere to go:

We enjoyed the play ... well we enjoyed watching Cadence enjoy the show! Wednesday we head to hear Robert Munsch ... hope he can sustain her attention!

Today, we enjoyed a Ukrainian mass at our church ... although it was VERY lengthy, it was a really nice mass ... beautiful music! The remainder of the day was spent getting outside each time the rain stopped to clean up the yard and get stuff put away ... oh and to bike ride!

Looking forward to next weekend ... a three day one ... woohoo!!!

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