Sunday, October 18, 2009

Random Phots

Not a whole lot to share I'm afraid! It was an extremely busy week for me ... my new course started and much to my surprise and chagrin, a weekend component was added. So, I spent much of the week prepping and the weekend leading ... daddy got to do dance and gymnastics and spend some quality time with his daughter. His words, "It was a treat!". I'm glad for that!

The weather was quite favourable so we did spend as much time as possible outside ... we need to take full advantage of what little time is left!

(Best couple of bucks I've spent: crown, tutu and wings.)

Today in the car without thinking/realizing it, I happened to mention something about "all the sh!t in my car". Cadence asked, "What sh!t?" Time to turn up the filter on my brain!

(Best kiss blower ... ever!)

GREAT!!! It's ten to eleven and Winston is puking! I haven't had a break ALL weekend!

Thank goodness I have this face and these hands to make me smile ...

All dressed and ready to paint!

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Jan said...

Awww...the ever adorable Miss Princess Nighty-nite Cadence!!
And, poor Mommy - I DEFINITELY feel your pain. So glad there was quality time with Daddy!!
And, yes, Mommy - There's something to be said for pictures like the last one!! LIke you said: "Thank goodness I have this face and these hands to make me smile ..."!!!! It sure makes your heart sing - even though there is sh!t in your car and Winston is puking!!! LOL!!!!