Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fantabulous Weekend!!!!

Last weekend, and the past few days, have been unbelievably amazing!!!! The sky has been blue, the sun shining brightly ... it did wonders for lifting the November spirits!
We spent a lot of time outdoors ... it was a good thing too ... we came to realize we didn't do alot of the fall yard work this year! For the most part I'd say we got everything done .... almost! The rest can wait til spring!
Speaking of rests ... here are two of my 'helpers' taking a load off their weary feet:

Cadence chose to wear this ridiculous hat that is miles too big ... I don't think MY head even fits it! Oh well, she looks dang cute anyway (except for the extra 'stuff' in her nose):

She enjoyed what was likely the last of the bubbles for the season:

After 70 shots, I finally managed to click a picture with actual bubbles in it ... you have no idea how difficult that can be!

And of course the weather gave us a good opportunity to get ready for the upcoming season:

Bring it on....

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Jeff and Amy said...

I just love these last few warms days of the year....