Monday, November 9, 2009

We've been no more or less busy than usual ... just have neglected some of my 'duties'.
Haven't had anything out of the ordinary to share ... just life as it happens!

How cute is this photo?

Perhaps kindergarten is not out of Sean's realm?

Here's a sassy little lady, sporting her 3D glasses after "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs":

Not only did Cadence stay fully awake for the entire show, she even kept her glasses on!

AND, god forbid, our girl has taken to being on the other side of the camera quite frequently lately:

Aren't I a vision???

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Jan said...

"Nothing out of the ordinary" is not necessarily a bad thing. Actually it can be quite good!! At least nothing bad is happening!!

My, my, I must say that Miss Cadence is a beautiful young lady!! She is looking more and more grown up!!

Coloring with Daddy - well that just grabs me!! Too cute!!

And, She takes a mighty fine picture too!!