Sunday, November 15, 2009

We enjoyed more good weather this weekend! As much as it allows us to get ready for the holidays, it doesn't do much for promoting the true spirit of the season ... jump rope ... not exactly a traditional Christmas activity.

'Story' of the weekend ...
Cadence woke up on Saturday morning around 5 or 6 to tell me her underwear were wet. In a sleepy daze I grabbed her a new pair and we went back to sleep. When we were finally awake I made mention of the underwear and what I believed to be the 'cause'. Cadence was very quick to declare that Winston made them wet* ... yeah ... right!!!! Ohhhh she's sharp! I began to push the issue a bit, but she was downright upset and continued to maintain her innocence ... what a stinker!~
Even funnier ... Cadence's imitation of Sean snoring! Now if only I could get THAT on film!

*Winston has this weird thing where he licks blankets, pillows, sheets and leaves a wet spot. Can't explain it ...

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