Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It Was A Terrilbe, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Tuesday!

What can I say ... some days are just like that!
It just seemed that EVERYTHING went wrong from start to finish:
  • Cadence woke with a highly cranky demeanor. She's got a cold ... it's understandable, but still ...
  • Mommy had a bout of insommnia and got about 3 1/2 hours of sleep ... she was cranky too!
  • There was a battle to get dressed.
  • There was a battle to do hair.
  • The dog puked.
  • There was a battle to eat breakfast.
  • Cadence puked out her medicine.
  • The dog marked his territory.
  • Mommy didn't have time to make lunch (She was working in the office and would not be able to leave the school to pick something up!)
  • The sauce stain did not come out of Cadence's dance suit ...
  • Mommy didn't have time for breakfast.
  • The house was a DISASTER ... mommy had planned to come home for lunch to get things in order ... that was before she found out she was going to be filling in, in the office. Mommy HATES and gets stressed when she has to leave the house in that state!
  • School was relatively unstressful ... wow!
  • After work, mom took Cadence to get a new body suit. Cadence had a tantrum because she wanted ice cream. She got a new pair of pyjamas!
  • Cadence insisted on ice cream and a cupcake at home (20 minutes to go before dance class). Mom gave in ... push over!
  • Dad showed up at dance class looking for any clues to his lost wallet.
You get the picture! We really were having a tense stressful day, but it is amazing how a little ray of sunshine, our Cadence, can change that! Sean came in after retracing his steps and Cadence asked/said:
"Daddy, did you find your wallet? I have money in my piggy bank for you!"
How friggin sweet is that??????
The day did have a happy ending ... Sean found his wallet, took us out to dinner and well ... it ended up being free ... but that's another story!

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