Monday, September 6, 2010

Camp Rock 2 Party

For weeks Daddy and Cadence were planning their Camp Rock 2 Party ... myself ... I was totally in the dark about this show.
As luck would have it we had the priviledge of an overnight guest to 'party' with.

We started off with a spaghetti dinner complete with root beer:

The girls chilled together figuratively:

and literally ... pretty cool evening for swimming but they braved it:

After a quick hot tub interview (to be added later), popcorn and licorice and the girls (and Sean) gathered in front of the tv:

There was lots of singing, dancing and giggling (the video quality was way too poor unfortunately) during the show and even more so after! 'Mom' had to intervene and snuggle in between the girls so they could settle and get to sleep.
In the morning we had butterfly pancakes and then baked and decorated some cupcakes.

We had a great time and look forward to the release of the DVD tomorrow!!!
"We can't, we can't, we can't back down!"

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