Monday, September 20, 2010

First Day of School

This is Cadence's first 'move' whenever she is asked to pose:

I really don't know what that's about!
But just look at this scholarly shot!:

She is just too dang cute for words!:

Heading out the door, on her way to school:

Could this backpack be any bigger?:

A before school family photo ... a first:

On the outside, looking in:

Stuck on the inside:

I absolutely LOVE watching her skip!:

That's the bell ...:

And there she goes :(

An afterschool snack in mom's room:

Cadence had a FANTASTIC first day of school! She had lots of stories to tell and every time I peeked in, she was doing just what she was supposed to ... at least it looked that way! She even received a good news phone call from her teacher! My baby girl is definitely growing up ... I have mixed emotions about that ....

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Anonymous said...

Oh Debbie, did you cry? The first day of school is a tough one. Cadence looks so grown up!