Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ready, Set ...

Cadence is one step closer to the big day!

She's all dressed and ready to meet her teacher:

Arriving at the classroom door ... looking mighty excited, I might add:

The teacher put her right to work ... atta girl!

Mrs. M gives Cadence the low down on this year's curriculum:

This mother has to confess that the previous three pictures were 'staged'! I completely forgot about the camera until I opened my purse at McD's. In retrospect, I would have to say we probably got better shots this way!
As was expected, Cadence barely said a word during her actual interview ... no worries ... she WILL make up for it! Bottom line, she seems excited and ready ... we'll see in a week's time! Hope I remember to make her lunch!

And here is something else that has been in the works this week:

Cadence has a 'chore chart' that tracks all the great stuff she does: brushing teeth, hair, getting dressed, tidying her toys and even putting out the placemats. She had a successful week ... and we had a lot more peace in the house ... so Cadence earned the Camp Rock 2 DVD (which daddy had bought on day one!). Here's to another good week ....

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