Monday, September 13, 2010

We Struck a Deal

So ... I haven't shared much of our continued sleeping saga with Cadence that arose over the last weeks of summer. To make a long story short ... she developed some anxieties around going to bed in her own room. There were a number of excuses she attempted and everyday she insisted it "was the last night" she'd sleep in our bed. We gave in for a few of reasons ... she was absolutely without doubt 'stressed' about it which was heightening her excema, she would actually fall asleep very quickly so I could then transfer her and ... it was just plain easier! Of course the longer this went on ... the harder it was going to be to put an end to it.
For some odd reason she just crawled up on her own bed last night and went right to sleep ... while I "kept her company" of course.
Tonight she announced that she would only sleep in our bed on weekends and holidays. Now that is something I can live with.
Cadence ... we have a deal!

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