Thursday, September 9, 2010

She Makes Me Smile

I could probably write down something smart or witty or astounding that Cadence says on a daily basis, but my 40+ year old brain has trouble remembering things lately.
As I sit and reflect, while she tries to fall asleep, I can recall of few of them from this week:

We were revisiting the $5 from washing the car and Sean suggested to Cadence that perhaps she could earn another $5 by helping him rake leaves. Her response, "No dad, I want ten dollars!"

I was asking about daycare and if any of her teachers ever yell ... "No, they use a STRONG voice."

Today she informed me that she "watched Wizards of Waverly and Treehouse shows when she was young."

She is growing up WAY too fast!
Tomorrow she has an official meeting with her kindergarten teacher. I'm curious to see if this 'big girl' will a) detach herself physically from me and/or b) actually talk to her teacher at all.
you'll get a full report following the big day ...

1 comment:

~Kristen said...

She always makes me smile!!

And in my "time stands still during this wait" brain... She is growing up WAY TOO FAST!!!!

Good luck on the "big" day! OMG... What a big day!!!!