Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I am completely .....

OVERWHELMED!!! I truly am unsure as to how I am going to get through until school's out. Just thinking of all that needs to get done over the next 8 weeks is sitting, turning over in the pit of my stomach. I am sorry to say this, but I kinda hope the weather sucks every weekend for the next 8 in a row ... or at least until I feel I can handle the pace.
The night school thing is going okay! Last week was nerve racking, but now that I have a bit of a handle on the curriculum I need to impart, AND weekends in which to plan it ... I am feeling better. However, this is eating up ALL of my time right now.
I spend 2 full days on the weekends getting lessons planned for that and 2 nights teaching it. Let's not forget I have a day job
that I have to plan for as well, and all of a sudden there are extra pressures there ... meetings, assessments ... now that the end of the year is in sight, some parents want ACTION ... immediately ... where were you in September? Throw a two night camping trip with grade 8s in the mix and a two night excursion with patrollers and you have a teacher who is falling behind. I am a planner ... I make lists ... I get things done ... well, I used to! Right now I have 'piles' of stuff ... everywhere ... and I HATE it!
I also have a home ... a place I like to keep tidy and organized. Please DO NOT visit right now ... my house is a disgrace and I don't want you to witness it! On top of all this, the pool construction is set to begin in a couple of weeks ... I need to get some things lined up ... find someone to dismantle the fence, someone to do the electrical stuff, someone to put finishing touches on the deck, someone to replace the fence posts and fence and then someone to repair the grass. Yes, I have a husband ... yes he is a good guy ... yes he is helpful ... yes he could probably handle some of this BUT I am a control freak .. I admit it! I want to make sure it's done my way and so ... I will do it ... someway, somehow!
As for China ... no real news ... no good news ... lots of talk of another 2 or 3 day batch ... maybe we'll get there by Christmas ... I don't know what to say about it anymore!
And how are YOU doing????


penny said...

Wow! It's all or nothing! I think spring just brings that out. Good thing you are organize and a planner otherwise you could really be in it deep. At least it sounds like you'll have a nice pool to relax in when you finally get a chance to have some time! Two out of three members of my house are sick and even the "big" baby admits to being no fun when he's sick. I'm just hanging on hoping I don't get it too!!

Caroline said...

Hi Debbie.

Chin up, as everyone thinks we say over here :-) Hope you hear some good news soon. Thanks for the blog - I regularly read it to keep up to date with how you guys are getting on. Take care and love to everyone over there. Caroline x

Wendy said...

Sorry you are having a stressful time right now! I have so much admiration for teachers. I would rather run into a burning building. I am an instructor in the fire service and it stresses me out when I have to teach the few times a year that I do. I hope things ease up for you soon!!!