Friday, April 20, 2007

More on 'The Bag'

Thought you might enjoy the response I got from the store carrying 'The Bag':

Hi Debbie - They are almost ready for shipping - should be here in a
week of so - I could call you as soon as they arrive. They are going to
be around $***.95 - maybe a little more or less - They are beautiful
bags & if you are looking for a practical, gorgeous, unique diaper bag
that only a few lucky Moms will be carrying around for the the next year
or so - give us a call to be one of the first people to see the bag. We
have a waiting list - so if you want to see the bag before it goes out
for the rest of the world to see - call us with your phone # and you
will be one of the first people we call - Call toll free 1-888-420-0222
or locally 416-762-5811 to be added to the list of people wanting the
bag. We didn't order that many in as the bag is a little more expensive
than the rest of the line and I was sure more retailers would be
ordering them in. So it is first come - first serve. All the best.

After rereading it, I couldn't help but snicker!
I am such a sucker for the "gorgeous, unique, only a few lucky Moms" language ... it grabbed me,
but didn't hook me! Although ... a very good cyber friend has offered to look into finding me a knock
off ... thank your Kristen ... I will send you the specs! This story may not be over yet folks!

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Anonymous said...

$9.97 walmart bag is the best diaper bag! no really....check it out before they are gone. I wish i had your address i would send you one.