Sunday, April 15, 2007

On Pins and Needles ... Literally!

So, in my list of 'misfortunate events' over this past week was the incident at the physiotherapist. Sandra started with the ultra sound treatment, followed by some deep pressure stuff and then I had to put the 'gown' on (and remove my bra) for the acupuncture as she needed to get into my rib cage area. She did her thing, dimmed the lights and left me be for the 10 minute time frame. As I lay there for a while I began to feel like the 10 minutes had long passed. Shortly after I heard a gentleman outside in the office area speaking and heard something like, "Okay Sandra, are you alright? You take care." Moments later there was a knock on the door and a woman asked if it was me ... ah, yay, who else were you expecting? THEN I hear 2 people talking outside the door both saying, "I don't know how to take them out." Concern setting in now! In the next moment some
young guy (okay, he was a qualified physio) knocks and enters informing me he is going to remove the needles ... hallelujah!
Sandra apparently left, having forgotten about me ... she'd had a rough day! I did book another appointment but given the night course I'll be teaching I'll have to cancel ... not sure yet if I will rebook ...........

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penny said...

OMG!! That is too funny!!! I'm guessing you're glad the week is OVER!!