Friday, January 9, 2009

Atypical TGIF!!!!

No matter what the weekend holds in store for us ... Friday is to be celebrated! If this were a typical Friday, I would have been heading off to enjoy a cocktail or two with friends ... maybe even dinner! I was ready to tell you this was not the case tonight, but as I reflect upon it ... I did enjoy a cocktail with a friend and yes ... there was even dinner involved ... it just wasn't typical! You see, tonight Sean had plans ... he was heading to the city to see a concert ... a band I enjoy I might add (yeah ... I'm bitter, but that's a whole other story!). So, as luck would have it, picking up Cadence and Winston and being in charge of their sole care became my responsibility for the evening. Well, we couldn't let that ruin the party now could we?! So, we improvised ... we had the girls and Grant come here to enjoy healthy snacks, 'juice' and a little play. Then we piled into our cars and met up with Annie, Emma and Austin for dinner ... we went to this classy joint known for their 'burgers' and fries ... Austin calls it 'Good Donalds'!
Cute! However you look at it ... it was truly a hoot! We had a lot of good laughs ... oh, the kids enjoyed themselves too!
I did worry when we arrived ... I hadn't thought to bring Cadence a change of clothes, specifically pants and underwear. This was our first 'outing' in underwear, she'd never used a public toilet before and she was going to be too 'engaged' to think about going peepee ... yeah, it had disaster written all over it! I am happy and proud to report that she managed to stay dry the whole evening and asked to 'go' three times ... once in the middle of hanging in Playland even. I've no experience with any of this training stuff, but I think she's doing pretty good for a fairly fresh two year old ... yes?
I am disappointed however about not having my camera for the 'event' ... who would have thought there would have been so many moments to capture in two hours at McDs? Next time friends ...... I actually look forward to it!


Jill said...

No pics? I am crushed! Sounds like a fun day though.

Anonymous said...

It truly was a fun Friday!
Way to go Cadence!

Jan said...

Sounds like some really great Friday fun!!
Good for Cadence!!
Too bad there are no pics :o(
Oh well, there's always next time!! :o)