Monday, January 12, 2009

The Weekend at a Glance

Well I would probably have to say, McD's was the highlight of our weekend ... sad but true!
The temperatures here are frigid and it's going to get worse as the week unfolds ... yay!!
Anyway, I did manage to snap a few shots ...

Here is Cadence with diapers and a pair of very blunt scissors ... by the way, these diapers now belong to her 'baby sister'!

After grocery shopping and gymnastics our two 'kids' conked out! If it had been possible, I would have been right there between them ...

Our shy (or uncooperative) model, trying on a new dress for an upcoming wedding.

During lunch, Cadence was making this face:

I started imitating her. Response: "Mommy, you stop doing that!". Cheeky monkey!

Just 'cause I LOVE her gorgeous eyes!

In other news ... we have gone a full week without diapers during the day. We have even managed 4 successful outings and used public restrooms. I'm going to give it another full week before I deem her officially potty trained.
On the sleep front ... we are getting some these days! We went back to spending lots of play time in her room and that seems to have had an impact. Cadence is happily going to her bed now and over the last few nights we have been saying, "Night, night! Close your eyes ... see you in the morning!" and walking away. She's been falling asleep on her own for the past 3 nights ... that's major progress! Side note: On Friday, she woke about 3 am yelling, "Open the door!". Once I did, she went right back to sleep. Things are looking up!

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amy said...

She does have gorgeous eyes and I love your updates and pics!