Sunday, January 18, 2009

Of Things to Come ...

Our recent 'conversation' with Cadence:

Cadence: Where you born momma?
Me: Canada
Cadence: Not China?
Me: No baby.
Cadence: Where you born dadda?
Sean: Canada
Cadence: Not China?
Sean: No sweetheart.
Cadence: Where Baba born?

And so on ... you get the picture.
She's two ... only two ... it hurts to have this conversation already.


Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

This conversation doesn't have to hurt. It is a fact of her life. You can't change it. How you handle it will reflect how she feels about it. Everything in life happens for a reason. China is where your baby was and that's why she was born there. It was an adventure. She wouldn't be who she is with out it and you wouldn't be the family you are.

Anonymous said...

Yes this should not hurt. She will sense your hurt and your emotions. I am concerned that it hurts you. It is a wonderful joy to know my girl is from China. Nothing hurts about it.

Jan said...

Sweet, sweet, beautiful Cadence KNOWS who her Momma and Dadda are! Since she KNOWS she's from China, it's only natural for to think that you are all from China. You can make it a wonderful special adventure for her. How Momma and Dadda LOVED Cadence SO MUCH that they traveled the WORLD for her!! Sending lots of HUGS as we wait for Jillian to wonder the same thing....
Jan, John & Jillian Rose

LaLa said...

We just always laugh at how boring we are being born here! Annslee thinks everyone with black hair is from China : )