Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who's Training Who?

Cadence had been using the potty and/or toilet off and on since the summer and so I decided I would try to use the time off at Christmas to get the training DONE and out of the way ... I'm tired of diapers! Well, that was easier said than done as the holidays were so busy and we were on the go so much. Once we got home though we really tackled it head on for three full days. This meant day four and on would be happening, hopefully, at daycare. Sandy was great at supporting this and although there were a couple of accidents on Monday, Tuesday and today went VERY well! I wouldn't consider Cadence fully potty trained yet, but I think we're well on our way. PROBLEM ... this child is clever! She has always made attempts, usually successfully, to avoid sleep. She can hang out singing, playing, whatever in her crib for over an hour ... it drives me nuts!!!! Well, for the past two days she has a new 'routine'. Guess what? She has to 'pee pee' momma ... every 10-15 minutes! And when I refuse, she has a 'wet diaper' and 'needs a change'. Hard to refuse that when she's waving it around in the air! Honestly!!! I am exhausted ..... Please tell me this too shall pass! Somebody????

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