Friday, January 30, 2009

A Little of this ....

Sick Again ... Sort of!

So it was Wednesday night, Cadence had been asleep for about an hour and a half. I hear a little coughing and then ... "BLAH" ... IT happened. I grabbed her out of the crib and called Sean who went to work stripping the bedding. Two minutes later as I'm comforting my girl ... IT happens again ... all down her and all down me and all over the carpet. We race to the bathroom in time for IT to happen again ... once in the toilet and once on the floor. Yuck!!! Poor kid. I think she would have gone back to her bed in time, had it not been for blankie ... Cadence NEEDS her blankie for night night. Unfortunately, blankie was indisposed ... in the washing machine! Not sure what to make of this .... is it something to be concerned about???? It's just really weird is all ... she's the picture of health otherwise ... no fever, barely a cough .... I just don't know!

"I Don't!/I Do!"

These seem to be the princess's new phrases! She uses them in place of no and yes, even though they are not grammatically correct. Goodness she means business! A 'conversation' may sound something like this: "Cadence, drink your milk" ... "I don't!" Strong emphasis on the exclamation I might add! (For both of us!)

Where Did My Baby Go?

There have been times I've lamented about not having Cadence as a baby. This past week, I've been going through ALL the photos on my iPhoto (again) and realized I had a baby!!! Cadence was a baby ... an adorable, sweet, lovable, gorgeous baby! I can't believe how much she has grown and changed ... in such a short time! Big SIGH!!!!


The other day, Sean came home before Cadence and I ... he was anxious for us to come in ... he had a 'treat'! There was a hot cup of Tim's for mom and a donut for daughter (and the dog of course!). Sean and Cadence were having their snack at the bar
and she was just so excited to 'be havin treat mom!' . Sean suggested a 'coco bonk' but my sweet girl said "No dadda, you get a hug!" Still brings tears to my eyes! It really is all about the simple things in life ...

There is sooooo much more! I apologize. I am trying to get my computer ready for some new programs and I'm not doing so well ... longish, highly boring story, so I'll save you some time and not bother sharing it. What I do hope is that things are up and running, smoothly by the week's end.

A few photos from the archives:

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Jan said...

Poor Cadence - hope she feels better!! Jillian feels about her "baby" the same way Cadence feels about her "blankie". We have five backup "babies" - six if you include the "Christmas baby"!! I wasn't taking any chances of a lost or indisposed "baby"!!
BTW, loved the rest of your post!!