Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Sleep Factor

I think we have finally solved the mystery ... not the PROBLEM, mind you!
So ... Cadence has been taking FOREVER to fall asleep every night. It has driven me right out of my mind. I can't stand to waste time! Sitting outside of my daughter's room repeating, "Night, night Cadence" and "Close your eyes" is utterly mindless, not to mention useless. AND this has taken anywhere from 1 to 2 hours ... nightly! This weekend we tested out one of our theories and eliminated the nap. Wouldn't you know ... Saturday, Cadence went to bed at 7:40 and was asleep by 7:50 and tonight was out by 8:00. Coincidence? Doubt it!!! She was never much of a napper to begin with so I'm not surprised that she is ready to forego them ... and quite franklly, if it means she'll go to bed well at night ... I'm all over that! So ... what does one do when the daycare person makes her nap???? Anyone???? SIGH!!!!!


Gina (Caleeo) said...

We have been fighting the exact same battle. I am just soooo not ready to give up the nap yet though - and O is tired at nap time, so I keep thinking she isn't either. With naps how many hours of sleep was she getting? What about without?

Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

I so don't look forward to Lisa giving up her nap...I need her nap! LOL!!

Bill and Linda said...

I need the nap time too! I've pushed Sophie's nap ahead and she now naps between 1:30-3:30. The added benefit is that she now sleeps in until about 7:15 and sometimes 8 when we are lucky. She's still in a crib so she can't escape. We haven't told her that she can get out and I don't let any kids play in her room. Kids like to crawl into cribs.

Good luck with the whole sleep thing. We love our Cadence fix every day. She's funny!