Monday, July 6, 2009

Eye Doctor

Last week while checking out some new eyewear, I got rooked into an eye examine ... not only for myself, but for Cadence too.
If truth be told, I was a little nervous ... would they find any problems? Would Cadence need glasses? Not big issues by any means, but ... I was slightly on edge nonetheless.
I was beginning to feel more at ease when Cadence clearly indicated she was not going to see the eye doctor ... no exam ... no problem ... right?! Ah well, we won her over and got her in the chair. Due to her age, the doctor wasn't going to use the traditional 'test' using letters, but we suggested he give it a try ... she does know most of them as far as we know. Boy did we feel like proud parents ... she breezed through ... knew every letter and was as good as gold! The doctor was highly impressed! AND ... everything pointed to great vision ... phew!!! Oh, and NO bifocals for this gal yet either ... in case anyone was wondering! In fact, my eyes are good enough that I DON'T NEED THEM, except for night driving (when I need to see street signs!) ... the doctor said!

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Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

YEA... great news..
Have a great week..