Friday, July 24, 2009

Some of Events of the Week!

On Tuesday, Cadence spent a good HOUR just quietly colouring:

I'm pretty impressed with her fine motor skills ...

In the evening, dad went to the KISS concert, via limo (sorry daddy ... no photos!). Cadence's cousins came over for a swim and Uncle Dave cooked us a great dinner. Just before bed, we lit some sparklers:

Wednesday was all about the 'moms'. We headed to the city for lunch and to see Jersey Boys ... GREAT show! Then it was home to ship Cadence to her cousins' while mom and dad took Baba to a new restaurant.
Thursday's rain meant it was the opportune day for shopping ... and shop we did! I think I've filled my spring/summer size 3/4 box for 2010 thanks to CPs 50% off sale! And Baba is going home with some nice outfits herself!
Well ... today ... it's off to Sudbury ...

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