Monday, July 27, 2009


Along with serving up something from her 'weswant', colouring, taking care of her baby and playing at the park, Cadence absolutely LOVES to do puzzles. A few weeks ago, I purchased a set of Dora puzzles that range in their level of difficulty (12 piece to 24). I imagined she would spend a few weeks mastering the first level and then move on ... perhaps we would get the summer out of them. Not to be! within a few days she had mastered them all ... luckily she enjoys pulling them out and doing them over and over again.

This past weekend we picked up a giant 48 piece floor puzzle that we INTENDED on giving her for Christmas or her birthday. We weren't very diligent in 'hiding' it and within 15 minutes she was asking us to get it for her. She began putting a few pieces together and then announced, "Mom, I'm a bit frustrated!" With some help, she got it done. Wonder how long she'll need the help with this one!

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