Saturday, July 18, 2009

Party Time!

Cadence was off to her first 'official' birthday party today ... official in the sense that it is the first one for a 'friend' AND the first one that mom (or dad) wasn't invited to as well! When we explained that mommy and daddy weren't invited to go, she asked, "Who's gonna drive me then?" ... smart girl!
We shopped together for a gift and then mom took over ... what she does best! I think I've got the hang of this mom gig ... we got a barbie dressed in pink and purple, a gift bag to match adorned with a mini pink purse filled with Barbie stickers and tattoos ... even the ribbons and card fit the pink and purple 'theme':

Here's the party girl in her new dress from Auntie Dodo:

And since it's cool out (again) ... the dress accompanied by a sweater and matching sandals (really, did you expect anything less?):

My big girl, all ready to go ...

Have fun sweetheart!!!!

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