Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Been Awhile ...

One would think that I should have all the time in the world to keep you updated ... I probably do, but I HAVE been busy and just haven't been able to find the time. So ... here's a quick run down ... bullet style.

*Cadence has been ridiculously cranky! She had a fever and wasn't quite herself the first two days and then ... wow, she wasn't even recognizable. Nothing could make her happy, she was whiny as heck, she had no interest in Daddy and would not let me out of her sight ... it was HARD!!! Finally ... today ... she is pretty much back to her old cheerful self ... THANK GOD!!!

*Di came to town and although we dealt with a cranky, whiny toddler, we managed to have a good time ... not entirely due to our daily cocktail hours either! We enjoyed dinner out with a good friend and hung out at a rooftop patio one night, got to enjoy some relaxation poolside a bit, enjoyed dinner with the GB family and ... quite a bit of shopping! The weather put a slight damper on things but we managed to do most of what we wanted to!

*Today was another cool, windy day, so after tidying up and doing a few things around the house we ended up heading to the zoo for round 2! This is a GREAT filler and activity for Cadence who LOVES animals ... Animal Planet has become one of her favourite new channels to watch as well!

*Can someone please tell the man who drives the ice cream truck that 5:00 is NOT a good time to drive through our neighbourhood! Not even going there!

*Cadence has an appointment at her new 'school' on Friday and will then start transitioning. She sounds excited, but with her recent clinginess ... I'm wondering if she is just putting on a brave face! Time will tell ....

*My mom comes to visit in the next few days ... we will likely have a full calendar of activities ... not alot of blogging time!

*Photos ... the camera battery is currently DEAD and I'm not sure I took many pictures ... there weren't many smiles over these last days!

*Come back tomorrow ... I'm going to try to give you something!


Jan said...

Whew!!! You've definitely been BUSY!! And, yes, I feel your pain!!! I have a clinging vine myself who wants no part of Daddy when she's a bit cranky - like now!!

Jill said...

LOL! You are one busy gal!!
Hope Cadence continues to be on the up and up and that you get to enjoy your visit with your mom!!
Hugs, Jill